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Twice Around the Square Consignment Contract
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Spring and Summer Clothing Being Accepted at Twice Around th

Spring and Summer Clothing Being Accepted at Twice Around th


You are invited to bring in your gently used  adult and children’s clothing, shoes, and jackets for consigning at our shop.  We will be accepting Spring and summer items till the end of July at which time all clothing identified as Spring or Summer will be marked down to ½ price.  We will begin accepting and putting out back to school clothing and fall clothing July 1.  We ask you to review the contract printed below for terms and items not accepted.  We will pass on all items not selected for sale on our racks to outreach programs, shelters, and goodwill.  All fall and winter fashions or clothing deemed out of season dropped off before July 1 will become the property of Twice Around the Square and will either be stored and put out at a later time or passed on to outreach programs.  We do not have the resources or space to store these items for you.  Please go through your clothes before you drop them off and hold back any items you would like to bring in at a later time and consign in another season.  Thank you!

Twice Around the Square Cosignment Contract

Twice Around the Square Cosignment Contract


Twice Around the Square Consignment Terms

Cindy’s Boutique                       423-429 4th Street

Rockwell City, IA 50579                 712-887-0621

Twice Around the Square Consignment clothing shop appreciates your business and as one of our valued customers, we are committed to selling your items at the best possible price.  So that we may operate efficiently, we ask that you familiarize yourself with the following terms & conditions:

1.                Consignment - Customer authorizes Twice Around the Square to sell all or any portion of the goods consigned for the best price they may get.   This does not make a promise or guarantee we can or will put out for sale any or all items you may bring in. 

2.                Condition – All Adult clothing should be fashions from the previous three years.  Gently Used Children and Youth garments may be older but must be in excellent condition if more than two years old.  All garments must be in good to excellent condition and must be cleaned, free of stains, need no repair work and have no previous repair work done to clothes.  All garments must have size label with size legible and washing instructions must be intact.  Any clothing identified as having lead in their painted buttons or embellishments will be discarded.  Any items found not cleaned or in need of repairs of any kind will be removed from the sales floor.  If the product smells from pets, smoke, mildew or other odors will not be accepted.  All unacceptable merchandise shall be passed on to other programs or destroyed if necessary.

3.                Pricing - Pricing consultation  is welcomed, but Twice Around the Square has final authority on the selling price.  Twice Around the Square reserves the right to reduce the price of any article at our own discretion.

4.                Term - The consignment period is 90 days.  This period begins when the product is placed on the sales floor.  This is subject to available sales space, demand, and season of product.  All accepted items are subject to regularly schedule markdown periods occurring at intervals from the initial date of consignment or at any time per the discretion of Twice Around the Square.  Unless otherwise agreed to in writing all items will become the property of Twice Around the Square after the 90 day consignment period ends and can be marked down, sold, or passed on to area outreach centers and/or relief efforts..

5.                Proceeds - In all cases where Consigned items are sold in the consignment period, Consignor will receive a payment in the amount of 50% of the selling price.  Payments are made by check and may be picked up at store after 15th of the following month.   To better accommodate our consignors, please call ahead (2-3 days) so a check can be prepared for you. 

6                  Consignor’s I.D. Number - Consignors are given an I.D. number for their items which need to be attached to the bags or totes when items are dropped off.  This number will be attached to all of your items as they are priced and placed on the sales floor. 

7.                Non-sellable items - Twice Around the Square reserves the right to donate any item at anytime that is not sellable without notifying the consignor.   Items felt unsellable or out of fashion will be bagged for return to consignor if requested when clothing is dropped off but if not picked up within 7 days it will be passed on to area outreach centers.  

8.     Government recalls- Consignors are responsible to ensure that all items brought in have not been recalled by the Federal Government.

9.    Risk of Loss or Theft- Consignor leaves all items at his or her own risk.  Twice Around the Square assume no liability for loss, destruction or damage of any kind to consigned items (including without limitation fire damage, water damage and theft).

10.   Agreement-  This agreement may be modified as needed to make clear terms regarding said agreement by Twice Around the Square.

11.    Indemnification- If any item provided to Twice Around the Square for resale by the Consignor is found to be conterfeit or Twice Around the Square incurs any liability as a result of the sale of such an item, the consignor agrees to indemnify Twice Around the Square for any damages including any theft, and all judgements, leans, fines, etc.  

*** We will make every effort to but the newest, cleanest, best condition apparel on our racks.  It is a judgment call in some cases and we will try to make the best decisions we can with your clothing.  We know you may not always agree but understand we are trying to be fair to not only you as the seller but to the end buyer as well.  Our position is simple – the best and freshest on the sales floor and keep the selection balanced.  We cannot have 200 t-shirts and 10 dress shirts, we will set an area for a size or style and when that is full win order for us to put another piece out one must be removed.  Staff is instructed to look at our selection and remove the least likely to sell.  That may mean we put a top out on Monday and remove it on Tuesday if it is deemed the least sellable in that category.  This also means, as a  n example, if you bring in a white top in a medium and we already have 4 out that yours may be passed on.  Unfortunately our walls do not expand and we Can put every piece of clothing that comes in out on the sales floor.  This also means that if the customer shopping likes a piece they had better get it when they see it because it may not be there when they return to shop again.



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