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Furniture, Antiques & Large Collectibles
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Furniture, Antiques, & Large Collectibles Information

Furniture, Antiques, & Large Collectibles Information

Twice Around the Square and Cindy’s Boutique Contract Terms

Cindy’s Boutique

429 4th Street

Rockwell City, IA 50579


Furniture, Antiques & Collectibles

Furniture, Large Antiques & Collectibles as well as framed prints and room décor are welcome at Twice Around the Square Consignment Shoppes.

We have a nearly 6000 square feet annex where we are happy to accept large antiques, furniture, and collectibles and room décor.  Even bicycles and non gas powered equipment are welcome.  As long as we have display sp[ace we will take it.  We will try to keep a balance of what we have so please call before bringing large items in to be sure they are acceptable and that we have the ability to display them.

You set the price you want for your furniture.  If you leave it to us we will price it and mark it down regularly till it sells.  So if yu want a set price you need to tell us what it is and we will display you furniture as long as we possibly can at that price.

Our Consignment Rates are as follows –

The price you want is less than $35 the fees are 40% of sale price

Price is $35.01 - $55.00 fee is 30%

Price is $55.01 - $75 – fee is 25%

Price is $75.01 – $99.99 fee is 20%

Price is $100 or greater – fee is 15%  

Furniture – we will take any gently used couches, chairs dining sets, lamps, bed frames (no mattresses or boxed springs), dressers and other home décor.  We have large open walls to hang and disply pictures and frames.   We will require a $35 disposal fee from each person brining in furniture to this location.   As we have a policy of accepting used furniture we will not be responsible for furniture you decide you just do not want back and will not pick up.  The $35 fee is for disposal of that item.  In other words if after 6 months the item has not sold and you decide you do not want it we will dispose of it but you lose this deposit.  If your item sells you will have this deposit returned.  When you lose your deposit to the disposal fee being  used and you have other items in our consignment furniture area we need you to stop in and make another $25 disposal deposit for those items, or  these items will be expected to be picked up within 10 days of the cancellation of our agreement or, they will become the property of Twice Around the Square Consignment Shoppes.  This agreement, when signed, os the only notice we will give regarding the disposal of your furniture.   Initial here that you have read and agree to these terms_________ 

We are not trying to scare you away it is just we want you to be sure we are not a dumping ground and you fully understand that.  As with the other consignment items we take in any furniture must meet our standards and may be rejected.  In order to do it right please call us before you plan o bring it down.  If possible we will swing by your house and check it out or at least let you give us more information about the condition and age of the furniture.  That will help us determine whether or not it is worth bringing in.

Furniture we welcome includes but is not limited to the following

  • Daybed
  • Desk
  • Dining Table
  • Dining Table & Chair sets
  • Dining Chairs
D cont. E F G H L M N O P R S T W

We will not accept any mattresses or boxed spring, bed pillows, or occasional pillows.  Also no TV’s.No washers or dryers not in working order.  All  8 Track tape decks, stereos, cassette tape players and musical instruments must be in working order.Bicycles must be in good to excellent condition, tires cannot be flat. All furniture should be clean, odor free, and free of animal hairs.  If it is not it WILL be rejected 


 I agree to the above terms-    ______________________________________ _________________________

Consignor Signature/Acceptance Date

_____________________________________   ___ ______________________________________
Print Name                                                                 Signature

All terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.  Any questions contact Cindy’s Boutique and
Twice Around the Square management.

Effective as of3/15/2009

Copyright © Cindy's Boutique Rockwell City, IA
phone & cell # 712-887-0621
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