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Bill Riley Talent Contest Regisstration Information
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Bill Riley Talent Search

Bill Riley Talent Search

Bill Riley Talent Search


Contact Randy Patterson for additional information

The contests will be on Saturday August 7, at 11 A.M.  The completion will be held in the new Band shell being constructed on the Calhoun County Courthouse lawn on the southeast corner of the square in downtown Rockwell City.

 The search is divided into three divisions,

  • Sprouts, ages 2 through 6,
  • Juniors, ages 7-14.
  • and Seniors, ages 15 through 21.

The winner of the Sprouts, Juniors and Seniors

division will be entitled to enter the competition at the Iowa State Fair. If the first place winner cannot

attend the Iowa State Fair, the second place winner may compete.

Sprout winners will receive a ribbon and a trophy. Junior and Senior division winners will receive

prizes as follow: 1st--$50; 2nd--$25; and 3rd--$10. A special prize of $25 will be awarded to the highest

placing Calhoun County resident in the Junior and Senior divisions.

Registration Deadline - Day of show; Contest will end at 3 p.m. so there is time to call in winners before 4 p.m. deadline for state fair qualifiers.  Those already qualified or acts just wishing to preform wil be scheduled between and folowing those competing for a spot a  the state fair.  If you cannot get here till after lunch please jst let is know.


The following rules are specified by the State Fair Talent Search. We have no means for checking every

rule the day of the contest, however, you will be disqualified at state if you break one, so make sure your

act is within these rules before you come.

1. Not more than 5 persons in a single act.

2. An individual may be part of only one act.

3. No pantomime to records or tapes. (Pure mime is accepted.)

4. Vocalists are strongly encouraged to practice and perform with the assistance of a vocal coach and

/or a live accompanist. Prerecorded accompaniment will be allowed as long as long as it is a single

instrument. Any prerecorded tape with backing vocals, multiple instrumentation or orchestration is not

allowed, and the act will be disqualified.

5. Acts with multiple performers, shall compete in the appropriate category by adding all of the ages

in the act and dividing by the total members in the act.

6. An accompanist, when not a part of the act, may be any age.

7. No more than 3 accompanists permitted.

8. All participants must be legal residents of Iowa.

9. Each act must not run more than 3 minutes. (At State, points will be deducted from acts going over

3 minutes or be subject to possible disqualification.)

10. No rock band due to the 1minute set up time.

11. Professionals are not permitted to compete. (This includes union musicians or anyone whose

principal income is from his/her Talent.

12. An act already qualified may not compete in this contest but may appear as entertainment during

the judges’ conference. (This is a Sweetcorn Daze Celebration  rule. Since we are one of the last shows to qualify

for the State Fair, this gives more people an opportunity to qualify.)

13. Groups must form a straight line on stage for introductions. You may not dance onto or off the

stage. After introductions, you may take any position you wish to begin your performance.

14. A person’s age for the Iowa State Fair competition is determined at the time they win a locall show.

A 14 year old (or 21 year old) could turn 15 (or 22) by State Fair and still be eligible in the Junior (or

Senior) division, as they met age requirements at the time of qualification.

15. All acts must pre-register prior to the day of the talent show 

Check-in Procedures:

Thursday, August 7 --Meet on Westside of band shell at after 10:30 a.m.  Staff will be there under the tent to sign you in. 

The general comment section of the judge’s ballots will be returned to participants at the conclusion

of each show each night. The point value section will remain with the judges.


Application for Sweet corn Daze

Bill Riley Talent Competition Event

August 7, 2010






City_________________________ Phone #__________________________________________


Division: Sprouts________ Junior________________  Senior______________


Accompanist Name (if applicable)______________________________________________


Electronic adaptor needed (example MP3 adaptor)____________________________________


Piano required_____


Return Application to


Bill Riley Talent Contest

% of Trash & Treasures

423 4th Street

Rockwell City, IA  50579


Contact before anytime between now and August 6th if possible so we can plan days activities

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