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Trash & Treasures Antiques &  Flea Market
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Twice Around the Square Flea Market

Twice Around the Square Flea Market

Trash & Treasures Antiques & Flea Market Information & Contract Terms

Cindy’s Boutique

429 4th Street

Rockwell City, IA 50579



Flea Market Mall Spaces Available


Store hours are the same as Twice Around the Square and Cindy’s Boutique shops.  Currently those hours are Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., Saturday 10 – 4 p.m., and Sundays 1pm.-4pm. The location is  on the southeast side of the square in Rockwell City,  located 25 miles west of Fort Dodge on highway 20.  The space will be shared with the larger Antiques and “Gently Used Furniture” that will be on display and sold in that location. 

Renting Booth Space and Booth Fees: Renting a Booth is the way to sell items for prices you wish to set.  You can price and place items in your space.  The items remain your merchandise,  You are responsible for shelving or tables in this space, or for a fee we can rent a shelf unit or table.  Booth fees begin at $20.00 for a 2' x 4' space and go up nfrom there and are available on a month to month agreement.  There is a 15% charge for all sales made. Accounting books are closed on the 26th of each month.  Vendor checks are written the first of the month where they will be available for pick-up.  We will mail a Vendor's check only if it is over $5.00 and previous arrangements have be made. 

Trash & Treasures Antiques & Flea Market is not responsible for any vendor’s property for any reason. Nor is Trash & Treasures Antiques & Flea Market responsible for any liability arising from the negligent act(s) of vendors or their employees or for any injuries sustained by vendors or employees of vendors. Vendors should obtain adequate property, liability and workmen's compensation insurance, and fire insurance. Vendors agree to save and hold the harmless Trash & Treasures Antiques & Flea Market for any damages which the Flea Market may sustain as a result of any vendor's use of space.

Vendors are required to clean up their rental area.  Dealers may be denied future admission and/or be assessed a cleaning charge if he does not comply with this rule. Do not sweep garbage, etc. into the center aisle.  Dealers are required to keep their rental area and the walkway around their booth clean. Boxes must be broken down or removed from the property.

  When staff is not in the building the doors will be locked and only a paid employee of Trash & Treasures Antiques & Flea Market will have access to the building keys and will not give those keys to any customer of vendor at any time.  All sales will be recorded and logged to your dealer number.  If you want more details than amount owed that information must be written on the product price sticker.

Dealer/Shopper Rules

Children must remain with their parents at all times; unruly children may be grounds for the dealer's expulsion from the market.

No Pets or animals allowed in the building.  Period.

Dealers are expected to conduct business between themselves, as well as with the public, in a professional manner.

Trash & Treasures Antiques & Flea Market assumes the position that all sales are final and that no exchanged and\or refunds are given. Dealers shall post their return policy in their booths.

Trash & Treasures Antiques & Flea Market does not limit competition in any way. It is up to each individual dealer to set their own pricing.

Illegal or counterfeit items are not allowed to be sold. It is the dealer's responsibility to know the Law. Dealers shall comply with all laws, ordinances and regulations of Federal, State, County, Municipal or other lawful authorities pertaining to the vendor's use of the premises. Adult books and materials that might be offensive to some customers must be kept out of view of minors at all times.

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